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IKEA - Banned Com...

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IKEA - Banned Com...

This commercial ad was banned because of the Swedish midsummer tradition issue. However, you still able to watch the full versi...

Nike Banned Comme...

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Nike Banned Comme...

This commercial ad is from Nike. It's was banned because people complained it was racist. Soccer vs ninjas funny ad video clip.

Adults Utube Utube Laser Removal Pros And Cons

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Drunk Go Driving

Official Duncan Guy Band Video of Drunk Go Driving Song

2743 views 09.05.10(by thekewler )

Utube Today

Presidents Obama 2009 Christmas music video

Israel palestine peace talks

932 views 09.02.10(by highrocksultanriver )

Utube Horses

vacation by horse back

vacation by horse back

1818 views 09.01.10(by wildlife-unlimited )

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Baby Laughs are Best

Baby laughs hysterically at moving toy

8976 views 08.26.10(by amreindl )

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cheater report

1517 views 08.25.10(by )

Utube Website Help


1523 views 08.22.10(by AboutChange )

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SMARTank Website Tutorial

SMARTank Website Tutorial

1086 views 08.19.10(by dwarren23 )

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autoid check engine book

the new product for your check engine problem

1475 views 08.16.10(by autoid )

Utube Fishing

Islamorada Yellowtailing

Yellowtail snapper fishing

3154 views 08.16.10(by randytowe )

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16th Bday Surprise

New Car

3141 views 08.16.10(by Lisa50 )

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air dance in the fairy

short and long history

2409 views 08.13.10(by luckyman1412 )

Utubes Music



2204 views 08.13.10(by connie5307 )